JericoCaptureToday as I was reading a digital art magazine, an artwork by Spanish digital artist Jerico, caught my eye. I had to come online and read more about Jerico and check out some of his other artworks. What I found, I liked every bit as much as the published work in the mag I was reading.

Jerico’s art take my mind down the wildest trip! The closer you look at each work and the more you examine the intricate detail, the more you find! The amount of detail is fantastic and I could literally spend hours just staring at each art work, enjoying the discovery of every little minute detail. It reminds me of a large Lord of the Rings print I had hanging in my bedroom as a kid. It hung next to my bedroom door for years and I never got tired of examining it and discovering new intricacies I hadn’t discovered previously.

The subject matter of Jerico’s pieces all have a similar whimsical theme, which I really enjoy. Pandas hugging and licking mountains and whose tongues inexplicably have cars racing along the tip, a happy family with their child walking along a rainbow, a UFO sharing sky-space with a mermaid, an elephant being shot out of a cannon along with rainbow confetti… it’s utter madness in a picture! BUT, it WORKS! It’s crazy, but it’s packaged into a rather aesthetically pleasing package. It’s like the detail appeals to the inner child in me, whilst the overall composition appeals to my more grown up taste, overall.

Speaking of the detail – boxing squirrels in a hot air balloon and a juicy fat caterpillar mowing the grass?! ha! I can’t even describe how much I love the detail in the second picture!

All in all, I am pretty impressed with Spanish artisit, Jerico and I will definitely be keeping a keen eye out for his work in the future!

Digital artist of the day – Alberto Seveso

I recently came across Alberton Seveso’s work and was so blown away and yet humbled all at the same time.  His work is SO powerful, I dare you to look at it and feel nothing.  To be honest, I’m not usually even particularly into abstract art, I’m all about the realism and the skill involved in recreating something the eye has seen, taking in the minute details and recreating them. Something about that whole process just really gets me. BUT I love Alberton Seveso’s art. I’m not sure if it’s the use of bright colours, often coupled with portraits or silhouettes, or just the overall composition of his work, or all of the above, but whatever it is, I love it! I’ll be following this artist in the future, for artAnyone else love Alberton Seveso’s work? what’s your fave work? hit me back with some replies 🙂



Today my dad and I went on a hike along a  nice long trail with our cameras slung around our necks. My dad is also an avid photographer, when he’s not busy fixing garage doors for other people (that’s his day job). It was a gorgeous day, we walked for miles and miles and snapped hundreds of pics! Nature photography isn’t my first love, I much prefer portraiture, but the day was so gorgeous with the sun shining through the pine trees, that I got quite carried away with the nature shots and it even inspire me to come home and edit a few of the best photos which I plan to have printed on canvas to hang on a few empty walls in our house.



A few years ago, I volunteered at an orphanage called Ashley Haven in Lalibela, Ethiopia.  What an incredible opportunity! I can’t even describe what a life-hanging experience that was.  Also, the photo opportunities!!

I stayed at the orphanage in 2011 with the kids for 3 week and assisted the caregivers. I lived with the kids, ate meals with them, walked them to school m did lessons after school with them in their school room at the orphanage and just generally played around with them. I formed such an incredibly close bond with them, and we still keep in contact from time to time.

Lalibela itself is beautiful. It’s high up in the mountains and because of the altitude, the air is crisp and cool in the mornings and at night and hot during the middle of the day. The town (and Ethiopia in general) always smell like curry and spices mixed in with Frankincense , animals and unwashed bodies. It’s a strange mix to say the least! But it’s unique and I have never smelled another place like it.

There were so many wonderful photo opportunities while I was there. On Saturdays the kids and caregivers and cook and I all went down to the Saturday market which is where the locals do all their shopping for the week. There’s nothing you can’t buy at that market! Donkeys, chickens, raw honey (Lalibela is famous for it’s honey) still with bees drowned or buzzing around and sold by the cupful, hessian sacks of brilliantly hued spices, freshly dried chillies and garlic cloves all laid out on empty sacks, drying in the s422816_517632051212_573456458_nun, ready to be pounded into Ethiopia’s national spice – Berbere. Visiting the market is definitely an experience to remember! While we were there, we gave the kids the equivalent of 1 dollar each to spend on whatever they wished. It surprised me to see some of the kids spend their money on vegetables and asked the cook to prepare them later that day. I expected the boys to want to purchase a soccer ball or other toy but instead they chose to buy cards with religious messages on them and stuck them above their beds. It was a huge contrast to what a child would buy back home if given a dollar. In Lalibela the orphaned children brought things they considered a necessity- food they knew would increase their health and religious cards they believe will help protect them in their future. I guess when you haven’t had the security of knowing your needs will be met, you don’t have head space to think about frivolous things like toys. 248629_504243307362_4227_n

Travel bug…

I have perpetually itchy feet. I can’t help it! The darn travel bug has got me gooood. It all started with a missions trip to Malaysia right after I graduated from High School, where we built a community centre for a remote village. It was such a life changing experience, being in the middle of nowhere, very little technology, so many new and interesting and different sights, sounds, smells, experiences.. and whilst there, all I wanted to do was bottle it all up, capture it however I could. I spent all my down time drawing, writing, photographing, trying to capture with words and images all that I was experiencing so that when it was all over, I could look through those documented feelings and be transported right back there again.

It’s where my love for travel stems from and my love for photography. They’re both a huge part of my life and they keep constantly wanting more.

I’m planning a trip for next summer to Thailand. I’ve been there before, but that country has gotten under my skin in a big way. I’m counting down the months/weeks/days until I can return!

Last time I was in Thailand I visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Koh Tao. This time I will definitely be spending some more time in Bangkok (love that many cool places to explore/visit) as well as Koh phangan and Phuket this time as I haven’t been to those places yet. Looking forward to getting some good shots to share on this blog when I return and am busily saving so I can invest a new camera and a few good lenses before I head off!

I’ll be travelling with a few good friends this time around and can’t wait. We’ve travelled together before, so should be good. They’re fairly experienced travellers as well, so it’s always nice to travel with others who don’t need /want to do the typical tourist 5 star hotel thing.




Welcome to Biola Media!

This is a blog I have started as a place to come to in order to talk about my life, my thoughts and to share my love of all things multi-media!

So, Hi! I’m a 2nd year student at the wonderful Biola University and I’m studying media and communications.  My special interests are photography, digital art and music. If I had to choose one main love, however, it would have to be photography. I have a special love for photography and my dream is to one day travel the world, capturing portraits as I go and eventually publish a book of my images.

So, that’s me and pretty much what you’re going to find on this blog, so if you’re not a fan of digital media, then this probably isn’t the blog for you! 1558272

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