Digital artist of the day – Alberto Seveso

I recently came across Alberton Seveso’s work and was so blown away and yet humbled all at the same time.  His work is SO powerful, I dare you to look at it and feel nothing.  To be honest, I’m not usually even particularly into abstract art, I’m all about the realism and the skill involved in recreating something the eye has seen, taking in the minute details and recreating them. Something about that whole process just really gets me. BUT I love Alberton Seveso’s art. I’m not sure if it’s the use of bright colours, often coupled with portraits or silhouettes, or just the overall composition of his work, or all of the above, but whatever it is, I love it! I’ll be following this artist in the future, for artAnyone else love Alberton Seveso’s work? what’s your fave work? hit me back with some replies 🙂