JericoCaptureToday as I was reading a digital art magazine, an artwork by Spanish digital artist Jerico, caught my eye. I had to come online and read more about Jerico and check out some of his other artworks. What I found, I liked every bit as much as the published work in the mag I was reading.

Jerico’s art take┬ámy mind down the wildest trip! The closer you look at each work and the more you examine the intricate detail, the more you find! The amount of detail is fantastic and I could literally spend hours just staring at each art work, enjoying the discovery of every little minute detail. It reminds me of a large Lord of the Rings print I had hanging in my bedroom as a kid. It hung next to my bedroom door for years and I never got tired of examining it and discovering new intricacies I hadn’t discovered previously.

The subject matter of Jerico’s pieces all have a similar whimsical theme, which I really enjoy. Pandas hugging and licking mountains and whose tongues inexplicably have cars racing along the tip, a happy family with their child walking along a rainbow, a UFO sharing sky-space with a mermaid, an elephant being shot out of a cannon along with rainbow confetti… it’s utter madness in a picture! BUT, it WORKS! It’s crazy, but it’s packaged into a rather aesthetically pleasing package. It’s like the detail appeals to the inner child in me, whilst the overall composition appeals to my more grown up taste, overall.

Speaking of the detail – boxing squirrels in a hot air balloon and a juicy fat caterpillar mowing the grass?! ha! I can’t even describe how much I love the detail in the second picture!

All in all, I am pretty impressed with Spanish artisit, Jerico and I will definitely be keeping a keen eye out for his work in the future!