Travel bug…

I have perpetually itchy feet. I can’t help it! The darn travel bug has got me gooood. It all started with a missions trip to Malaysia right after I graduated from High School, where we built a community centre for a remote village. It was such a life changing experience, being in the middle of nowhere, very little technology, so many new and interesting and different sights, sounds, smells, experiences.. and whilst there, all I wanted to do was bottle it all up, capture it however I could. I spent all my down time drawing, writing, photographing, trying to capture with words and images all that I was experiencing so that when it was all over, I could look through those documented feelings and be transported right back there again.

It’s where my love for travel stems from and my love for photography. They’re both a huge part of my life and they keep constantly wanting more.

I’m planning a trip for next summer to Thailand. I’ve been there before, but that country has gotten under my skin in a big way. I’m counting down the months/weeks/days until I can return!

Last time I was in Thailand I visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Koh Tao. This time I will definitely be spending some more time in Bangkok (love that many cool places to explore/visit) as well as Koh phangan and Phuket this time as I haven’t been to those places yet. Looking forward to getting some good shots to share on this blog when I return and am busily saving so I can invest a new camera and a few good lenses before I head off!

I’ll be travelling with a few good friends this time around and can’t wait. We’ve travelled together before, so should be good. They’re fairly experienced travellers as well, so it’s always nice to travel with others who don’t need /want to do the typical tourist 5 star hotel thing.